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"Chrono Trainer" Automatic Masturbator

  • Viril Booster Exclusive
  • Specially designed for men
  • Helps reduce premature ejaculation
  • Includes online access to Challenges
  • Very intense source of pleasure

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The Chrono Trainer is a fun device specially designed for men.

It's an automatic masturbator equipped with a back-and-forth counter.

Very easy to use, it provides very intense pleasure thanks to its multiple vibration modes: 8 in total!

The Chrono Trainer works on battery (1h30 of use), and is recharged thanks to the cable provided on a classic telephone charger. Headphones provided allow you, if you plug it in, to hear female encouragement...

Trains you to last longer

The primary purpose of the Chrono Trainer is to train you to last longer. Playful, you can measure your progress thanks to the integrated counter!

Online challenges included!

As a Chrono Trainer user, you will have access to many tips and weekly challenges to train yourself to masturbate longer and longer. This is why the Chrono Trainer can contribute to slower ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

Why the Chrono Trainer?

Don't be ashamed of your performance

Man is biologically designed to ejaculate quickly. It's not a disease, it's a reminder that ejaculatory function is for reproduction, not sexual fulfillment. While we're not all born equal when it comes to self-control and pleasure, it's not that hard to learn how to last longer, although that's a very subjective notion.

It's a welcome help

The Chrono Trainer and its exercises aim to help you master your ejaculatory reflex. Its particularity comes from the fact of not limiting its use to simple masturbatory exercises.

To have fun...

Indeed, the Chrono Trainer can bring you A LOT of pleasure, simulating many types of fellatio, each more exciting than the other. Its back-and-forth counter encourages you to always surpass yourself, and to measure your progress. You make your MIND work.

You will also have access to a protected online space:

  • with tutorials and training tips to improve yourself
  • a scorecard, to keep track of your progress
The advice provided prepares you physically to use the tricks your muscles offer you to delay the onset of ejaculation. You make your PHYSICS work.

Outdo yourself!

The best way to see your progress and never lose your motivation, is to remember to write down your score. This differs depending on the Mode you have chosen. You will find your score cards on the user guide supplied with your Chrono Trainer.

The Chrono Trainer in a nutshell

By purchasing the Chrono Trainer, you get:

  • A fun way to train the duration of your coitus.
  • An easy-to-use tool that is a lot of fun.
  • Protected online access to training tips and tutorials.

Our advice

For a complete program that will boost your manhood overall, we recommend taking the Chrono Trainer with Male Perf. You will thus benefit from a reduction of 30€ on the Chrono Trainer.


Soft membrane in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), outer shell in ABS plastic.

Noise Rating

Up to 65 decibels.


73mm (D) x 215mm (H)


8 vibration modes, back and forth counter, interactive voice prompts.


The Chrono Trainer is not waterproof.

Box contents

1 x Chrono Trainer

1 x USB-C charging cable

1 x pair of USB-C headphones

1 x user manual in French


Online challenges at

1 x username and password provided by email after purchase

1 x manual in PDF format

1 x playful training program

Quick start

Press the central button to turn on the Chrono Trainer.

Press the central button again to choose one of the 8 vibration modes.

Optional: plug in the USB headphones to hear the various vocal encouragements

Each movement back and forth increments the counter by 1: trust the objectives and beat records, or follow the tutorials in the protected space to train your endurance.

For more information on the use, cleaning and storage of your Chrono Trainer, refer to the complete instructions included in the box.

Precautions for use

We recommend fully charging the Chrono Trainer before each use. Preferably use the charging cable supplied with your device.

Disinfect the Chrono Trainer with warm water and soap before first use, and preferably before each use.

Avoid using massage oil, hand cream, detergents or acetone as a lubricant. Choose water-based products.

If the Chrono Trainer turns off automatically, it is probably due to an empty battery

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purchased by Louis D. January 19, 2023



purchased by Karim A. December 15, 2022

Good idea for premature ejaculation

The concept is well thought out, and the challenges included are as fun as they are useful. I don't regret my purchase.

purchased by Franck G. December 7, 2022

cheapest here

taken in a pack with male perf. effective.

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